Peer-Reviewed Journals

[3] B. Hichri, F. Giovannini, and S. Kedziora. Genetic algorithms for stable robot grasping. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, pages 507--512, 2022. [ DOI | LINK ]
[2] B. Hichri, A. Gallala, F. Giovannini, and S. Kedziora. Mobile robots path planning and mobile multirobots control: A review. Robotica, pages 1--14, 6 2022. [ DOI | LINK ]
[1] F. Giovannini, B. Knauer, M. Yoshida, and L. Buhry. The CAN-In neural network: A mathematical model for theta oscillations and memory maintenance in the hippocampus. Hippocampus, 27(4):450-463, 2017. [ DOI | LINK ]

Full Papers and Refereed Conferences

[3] B. Hichri, A. Driate, A. Borghesi, and F. Giovannini. Predictive maintenance based on┬ámachine learning model. In Proceedings of the 18th IFIP WG 12.5 International Conference, AIAI 2022, Crete, Greece, 2022. [ DOI | LINK ]
[2] N. Jamali, M. Maggiali, F. Giovannini, G. Metta, and L. Natale. A New Design of a Fingertip for the iCub Hand, In Proceedings of the IIEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Hamburg, 2015. [ PDF | LINK ]
[1] T. Horii, Y. Nagai, L. Natale, F. Giovannini, G. Metta, and M. Asada. Compensation for Tactile Hysteresis Using Gaussian Process with Sensory Markov Property. In Proceedings of the 14th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, 2014. [ PDF | LINK ]

Short Papers and Abstracts

[5] F. Giovannini, B. Knauer, M. Yoshida, and L. Buhry. Spiking regimes in model networks of hippocampal persistent firing neurons. In Neuroscience 2016, 2016. [ PDF | LINK ]
[4] F. Giovannini, J. J.-B. M. Schneider, and L. Buhry. Investigating the effects of propofol-induced tonic inhibition on rhythmic neural activity in a hippocampal interneuron network. In Proceedings of the 11th Bernstein Conference, Heidelberg, Germany, 2015. [ LINK ]
[3] S. Rimbert, L. Bougrain, C. Lindig-león, G. Serrière, F. Giovannnini, and A. Hutt. Amplitude and latency of EEG Beta activity during real movements, discrete and continuous motor imageries. In Proceedings of the 11th Bernstein Conference, 2015. [ LINK ]
[2] F. Giovannini, M. Yoshida, and L. Buhry. Mathematical modelling of ICAN-mediated persistent firing in hippocampal neurons. In Proceedings of the Twenty Fourth Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS*2015, 2015. [ PDF | LINK ]
[1] T. Horii, F. Giovannini, Y. Nagai, L. Natale, G. Metta, and M. Asada. Contact force estimation from flexible tactile sensor values considering hysteresis by Gaussian process. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics, 2014. [ PDF | LINK ]

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