About Me

I am a professionally qualified Computer Engineer and a Researcher at heart. I have a proven track record solving real-world problems using real-world solutions. I achieve this by directing and coordinating Research and Development efforts, and leading multidisciplinary teams, both in academic and industrial scenarios. My areas of expertise include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industrial Automation, Machine Design, Data Processing, and Neural Sciences. Ultimately my objective is to orient my research towards practical applications.

Previously I completed a PhD in Computational Neuroscience with the Neurosys Team at INRIA Nancy and LORIA. My work focused on modelling the memory system under general anaesthesia using biologically-inspired spiking neural networks and physiological recordings of neural activity.

I have always been fascinated by memory, from both a neurological as well as a philosophical stand point. The encoding of, and the ability to retrieve perceived past experiences are both innate and familiar human behaviours. Indeed this familiarity derives from our every-day use of our mnemonic functions as we imagine, perceive, and experience life. However, the interior workings of the brain which provide us with such faculties are far from being fully unravelled.